Hospitalisation cover across Europe

Medicis hospi+ insurance is a useful top-up to the National Health Service (from the CNS) offering maximum cover, all over Europe. It guarantees optimal comfort should you be hospitalised.


Why choose medicis hospi+ cover?

  • Freedom to choose a hospital anywhere in Europe
  • Cover for the cost of first class medical treatment
  • Payment of the additional costs made directly with the hospital
  • Cover of pre-medical & post-medical expensises relating to operation or peroid of hospitalisation


Which costs are covered by medicis hospi+ cover?

medicis hospi+ covers all hospital expenses and the cost of care related expenses due to a period of hospitalisation or treatment (doctors, treatment, operation etc.), for 30 days before and 90 days after the surgery or treatment has been performed.

medicis hospi+ is still effective even when the National Health Service (CNS) has not authorised the person to be transfered abroad.

Reimbursements refused by the National Health Service (CNS)

In the event that the National Health Service refuses to cover certain hospital expensesmedicis hospi+ will reimburse 100% of the fees you pay.


What is the cost of European hospitalisation cover?

You will benefit from very competitive rates depending on your family situation (single person, couple with or without children, or the whole family) at the age that they enter into the heathcare scheme. The rates are calculated as the monthly cost per household/family.

Make the most of tax breaks!

The amount of insurance premium is deductible from the income tax declaration as a "special expense" under the terms of article LIR 111.

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